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Nicolai Harich

Senior Data Scientist - Computer Vision / Deep Learning

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Nicolai Harich

Senior Data Scientist - Computer Vision / Deep Learning

I am a Data Scientist with 5+ years of experience developing data driven solutions mainly in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Other people would describe me as an ambitious and creative person. In my opinion these are the key ingredients for successful problem-solving. Fascinated by research and innovation, I have a natural interest in extending my knowledge and experiencing new professional and personal challenges.

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name: Nicolai Harich E-mail: website: www.nicolaiharich.de
Who am i?
I am 30 years old, originally come from the Southern Palatinate and currently live in Mainz nearby Frankfurt. Professionally, I am involved with Data Science. More specifically, with the development of computer vision applications. In my spare time I like to travel and do activities on and in the water (surfing, diving, fishing). Besides, I am an abusive photographer.
What I'm really good at?
The invention and development of intelligent applications fascinates me enormously. This fascination enables me to solve even complex problems in order to successfully complete a project.
How can you contact me?
Just drop me a mail or contact me via LinkedIn or Xing.
What are my hobbies?
Traveling, Hiking, Aquascaping, Diving, Fishing, Surfing, Photography, ...


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Here's what i'm doing

Here I list not only professional things, but also my hobbies.


LLL - Lifelong Learning.


Developing maintainable code.


From research to deployment.


Scalable technologies and business models.


I like to discover new places and cultures.


Nature and landscape photography.

Aquascaping, Diving, ...

I simply love water landscapes.

technical skills

I am convinced that you have to constantly learn new things. The list of technical skills will therefore always change. Here is a small part of my current skills:

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other skills

To name a few other skills:

work experiences

Already during my studies I gained valuable work experience. I know what it means to work for a very small Start-Up with less then 10 employees, but also for huge corporations with more than 250k employees.

AGT International

( Sept. 2019 : Present ) Senior Data Scientist - Computer Vision

Panther Solutions GmbH

( Feb. 2019 : July 2019 ) Team Lead – Software Development & Machine Learning

In a small Start-Up I led a young team of web developers, collaborated with external partners and prepared the transition from a single server application to a scalable microservice architecture hosted on AWS. My technical work focused on implementing a scalable data pipeline in order to train and deploy an Autoregressive Recurrent Network for sales forecasting and to enable dynamic pricing.


( July 2016 : Jan. 2019 ) AI Software Engineer – Computer Vision

Implemented and designed state of the art computer vision applications (deep learning), including semantic segmentation, object detection, classification, tracking and human pose estimation. Developed real-time capable prototypes showcased to a larger audience. Consulted internal business units, supervised students and exchanged with the international research community (e.g. Oxford). I was an early team member of the AIR group (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) and advanced the ramp-up phase.

Bosch Start-Up GmbH

( 2016 ) Master Thesis: "FCNs for Semantic Segmentation from RGB-D camera data"

Robert Bosch GmbH

( 2014 : 2015 ) Working Student

scope of duties: industrial image processing, camera hardware, algorithms, machine learning

Master of Science - Stuttgart Media University

( 2014 : 2016 ) Computer Science and Media

Topics: machine learning, computer vision, research project: ‘Cross-Platform Web Framework for Gaze Tracking’ (ACHI 2016), …

Fraunhofer IOSB Ettlingen

( 2014 ) Bachelor Thesis: "Image-based localization on mobile devices"

University of Applied Sciences Cologne

( 2011 : 2013 ) Tutor and Student Assistant

signal and system theory, programming (Java), mathematics I&II

University of Applied Sciences Cologne

( 2010 : 2014 ) Bachelor of Engineering - Media Technology

Topics: photo-technology, image processing, computer vision, ...

"A baby learns to crawl, walk and then run. We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning. "

- Dave Waters -

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